• Field Operator II

    Posted: 07/16/2019

    Job Summary
    • Installs, maintains, and/or operates equipment such as compressors, separators, heaters, tankage, pressure regulators and related equipment.
    • Maintains and operates pipelines, measurement equipment, and related equipment.
    • Ensures pipelines and facilities are protected against damage from outside forces.
    • Locates facilities prior to excavation.
    • Maintains accurate field records and reports on all equipment. Develops knowledge in an additional discipline such as mechanical, automation, construction, gas processing, electronic measurement, or chromatography.
    • Communicates current status and coverage of operational responsibilities to coworkers and supervisor.
    • Installs new equipment and facilities.
    • Analyzes and interprets data, and takes and/or recommends appropriate actions.
    • Conducts technical and safety training for operations personnel.
    • Complies with all applicable codes, standards, and permits.
    • Participates in internal process improvement and problem solving teams.
    • Perform other duties as requested or assigned
    Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Experience
    • Extensive knowledge of, and experience with, all Field Operator I duties, or equivalent experience.
    • Working knowledge of equipment such as compressors, dehydrators, and separators.
    • Knowledge of basic FERC regulations and necessary requirements.
    • Knowledge of company safety procedures and practices.
    • Knowledge of basic math.
    • Knowledge of Questar Pipeline Tariff sections concerning gas quality requirements.
    • Skill in using hand and maintenance tools.
    • Ability to communicate, orally and in writing, effectively.
    • Ability to interact with others, to communicate clear instructions, and to evaluate results.
    • Ability to work independently.
    • Ability to see objects at close range.
    • Ability to see in the distance, and to determine distance and relationship between objects.
    • Ability to smell, to detect burning materials, natural gas, and hazardous substances.
    • Ability to match or discriminate between colors.
    • Ability to handle emergencies and respond to stressful situations.
    • Ability to distinguish the nature of sounds, to hear equipment warning signals.
    • Ability to respond to emergency conditions, which may include changing flat tires, chaining up vehicles, operating jacks, performing minor maintenance, and operating two-way radios.
    • Ability to prioritize work.
    • Valid driver's license.
    Education Requirements

     High School Graduate; GED
    Working Conditions

    Office Work Environment Up to 25%
    Outdoors 26-50%
    Travel 26-50%

    Export Control
    Certain positions at Dominion Energy may involve access to information and technology subject to export controls under U.S. law.  Compliance with these export controls may result in Dominion Energy limiting its consideration of certain applicants.